Deluxe Emergency Survival Knife Kit 14-in-1 Multi-Functional Knife Stainless Steel
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Deluxe Emergency Survival Knife Kit

Great all around Survival tool.

The pictures tell the story.

Always have the tools you need when you carry this survival knife.

Individual tools include:

  • Six inch polished steel sawteeth blade.
  • Bottle opener on back edge.
  • Can be used as a signal mirror.
  • High impact ABS hollow handle contains the following essentials:
  • matches with striking pad, wire ring saw, fish hooks and leads, nylon line for fishing and needles.
  • Watertight screw on cap with liquid filled compass.
  • Sheath with sharpening stone. Belt loop and leg strap on sheath.

This assortment of tools can’t be beat and offers peace of mind that you will always be prepared.

Whether camping, backpacking, or working in the backyard, The Deluxe Emergency Survival Knife will get every job done!

A Perfect ADD ON to our Emergency Kits!

  • Item #: 11843
  • Manufacturer: MD

Deluxe Emergency Survival Knife Kit

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