Fire Escape Ladder
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A Must Have for all 2 or 3 story homes! NEW ITEM!

Fire Escape Ladder

2 and 3 story sizes available.

  • 2 story, 13 foot.
  • 3 story. 24 foot.
  • Tangle free, easy to use and quickly attaches to any window.
  • Fully assembled.
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Steel Rung Stabilizers (Help keep ladder stable while being used)
  • Dupone Condura Nylon Strapping for Maximum Durability (DuPont Cordura is a high-performance fabric resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs.)
  • Wide Sill Hooks (Accomodates window sill between 6 inches(15cm) to 13 inches (33cm)








We also stock extra emergency food bars. 3600 bar is good for one person for 3 days. 2400 bars = 2 days. 1200 bar = 1 day. 5 year self life! Why not order some additional food bars today?

Here are some references about Disaster Preparedness.

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g87 12/22 p. 26 Earthquakes—How You Can Prepare for Survival!

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  • Manufacturer: MD

Fire Escape Ladder

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