Instant Fire - 3 pack
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Instant Fire - 3 pack

Three pack of Instant Fire. Perfect substitute for wood and other fuel sources. Lights and burns in wind, rain, sleet or snow. Green – no harmful vapors. Can be stored near food. 30 year shelf life.

We also stock extra emergency food bars. 3600 bar is good for one person for 3 days. Why not order some additional food bars today?

Here are some references about Disaster Preparedness.

AWAKE NO. 5 2017 | When Disaster Strikes​—Steps That Can Save Lives

w11 12/1 p. 6 Coping With Natural Disasters

g 2/07 p. 16 Living in the Shadow of a Slumbering Giant

g87 12/22 p. 26 Earthquakes—How You Can Prepare for Survival!

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Instant Fire - 3 pack

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